A sustainable and regenerative inside-out approach to Natural Fashion (Couture), and Spiritual Beauty (Botanics).

We believe that the path to the future is through answers from the past, and by weaving ancient wisdom with future technologies, we aspire to solve modern problems of extreme disparity, exploitation, and the environmental devastation, while providing with holistic, timeless, and consciously made high-quality products.

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India has a long tradition of making high-quality handloom products with exceptional skills and craftsmanship, which are unparalleled in the world.

Cultural stories have an incredibly powerful influence on shaping society, and cultural heritage is one of the most valuable assets of a country, as that heritage becomes a pathway to development, and has the potential to evolve as a key catalyst in community-led regenerative and sustainable development.

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“Balance and Harmony will find their way in, and although there’s still inequality and patriarchy, the raising of female energy is helping to elevate the global consciousness of all beings, and there is a tribe of global warriors leading the way.”

– Susana Gago


– Cosmic sounds maestro

“A beautiful, sensitive vision, craftsmanship, authenticity.

It’s been such a delight to co-create these pieces of clothing and wearing them feels at home”