Haute Textiles 

Our end goal is to transform the way fashion is designed, produced and consumed: from being less harmful to being regenerative across the value chain, with traceability and transparency on the frontline


 Beyond fashion

When talking about “regenerative fashion”, just think about fiber production as starting with farmers producing organic fully recyclable fibers like cotton, wool, alpaca, flax, and hemp on farms where the soil is sustainably managed. Natural dye plants like indigo, madder, and many others can also be grown in this way. Structures could be created to harvest, clean, move, mill, and manufacture the materials in the same region, further creating income and work for the local economy.


 Regenerative Purpose

Planting the seeds of a regenerative fashion industry, which offers hope for the future, protecting the earth, her human and non-human beings, and helping to reverse global warming and prevent climate breakdown.